ezBuy is a user friendly, paperless procurement system which streamlines the purchasing process, reduces lead times, and provides budgetary controls for both repetitive and "one time" buys for both domestic and offshore customers.

Based on MAC's experience, you can save 5-20% on goods and services using our tested approach via the Cooperative Purchasing of the ezBuy Electronic Procurement Platform.The ezBuy solution takes advantage of our buying power generated from leveraging our customers' volume. The benefits to you include:

  • »Lower Purchase Costs
  • »Increased Productivity
  • »Improved Controls

MACS has formed Consortium Purchasing programs to improve supplier service, reduce transaction-processing costs and unit prices.

We find that private industry and public agencies are interested in teaming with us to improve purchasing processes and reduce commodity prices, services and overall spend. Preparing and advertising your own proposal documents and supply agreement "terms and conditions" can be time consuming and expensive. MACS can perform this work, save valuable staff time, and save your organization money GUARANTEED!

The value proposition that we offer prospective customers is to reduce your total cost of acquisition, improve productivity, and improve controls through a combination of pre-negotiated agreements on products and services with national suppliers, lower purchase price from MAC's cooperative purchase programs, by aggregating its customer purchases to leverage the volume, and Purchasing goods through the user friendly ezBuy procurement system.

Click here to View the EZ Buy Purchasing Flow diagram.

Buyers purchase from a unique catalog which identifies your repetitive buys and establishes a "hot list" but also allows you to buy first time items through a "punch out" to suppliers' catalogs. Simple catalog navigation allows:

  • »Searching by multiple criteria
  • »Requisition Creation
  • »PO Generation
  • »PO Approval
  • »PO Confirmation
  • »Advance Ship Notices
  • »Invoicing

Minimize Maverick Buying and Save! -The ezBuy platform keeps you in control with customizable approval structures and robust reporting capabilities. Management Controls allow account number linking, a multi-level approval matrix for requisitions, bids, solicitations, and POs, total spend tracking, and audit trails.


Public and private companies who want to enhance or gain a competitive advantage.

  • Broaden strategic sourcing and enable more suppliers
  • Decentralized organizations who want to buy locally but manage budgets on an enterprise basis
  • Automate procurement workflow and implement best practices.

Municipalities, government agencies, and organizations who want to standardize the procurement process and comply with accounting best practices.

  • Decentralized procurement organizations purchasing at multiple sites but requiring budget controls across the enterprise
  • Standardized processes and documentation complying with established accounting practices.

Ex US or multinational companies who want an efficient, reliable method to purchase direct or indirect goods from US and global suppliers incorporating international methods of payment like the L/C.


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